Friends of the Temecula Libraries
Consider becoming a Book Friend

The Friends have created this special program to enhance our collections. It's an opportunity for everyone to be involved and to give to the libraries their most essential resource..... BOOKS!

While every donation is welcome, a gift of $25 or more gives you the privilege of becoming a book friend and having an individualized bookplate affixed to the inside front cover of the selected book(s). To select a book indicate your preference of category (adult or children) on the donor form, or you may wish to allow the library staff to make a selection which will complement the current collection.

Create a memory...

The Book Friend program offers a special way to memorialize or pay tribute to someone. Book dedications may be made to relatives, friends, individuals, or groups you particularly want to honor, or it can simply be a personal gift from you to the libraries.

Books for everyone....

Make the Book Friend program a part of your business, social or civic organization's community involvement. Service clubs, youth groups, senior centers, even pre-school play groups can participate. Just like the libraries the Book Friend program is for everyone.

Become a Book Friend today.

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